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The Story

It all started when I was looking for a holiday in 2005.  I had £750 to spend for two of us travelling, and being the true Mancunian I am, I wanted to get value for my money.  I scoured the internet for where I could go for my hard-earned cash but the optionschoices I found did not fill me with excitement.  I wanted something a little bit different.  And then I found it.  An 8- day trip to Beijing in a 4- star hotel for £380 per person.  I couldn't believe the price. The only reason I could see for the cheap deal was due to an 8- hour stopover in Munich airport for the outbound flight.  Being in my twenties at the time, I thought nothing of spending 8 hours in Munich Airport's two bars, so I booked it.  This is where my travel adventures began.  The anticipation for the trip, the journey there with a few Steiners in Munich, the crazy Beijing taxi driver that disregarded all speed laws on the way to our hotel and the first night where we wandered around trying to find a restaurant but stumbled on the Forbidden City instead.  From the first day of that holiday, I had Wanderlust.

Since then I've been on many adventures on my own and with my family.  I grab every opportunity I can to travel and try to help others explore the world. I'm always on the lookoutlook out for inspiration and on ways I can travel more interesting with my partner and two boys.  I find it's harder to find adventures now we are a family of 4, which is the primary reason why I created this blog.  I, like many travellers, have spent hours coming up with the itineraries from the plethora of materials out there.  I wanted to create a place where we can share all our hard- gained knowledge to help us all travel that bit further.

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From this blog I hope to give you some inspiration on how you can do your family holiday a little differently.  This website will focus independent travel ideas and tips to get you on a holiday.  By independent travel I mean a trip that you organise by yourself – booking your own accommodation, transport and itinerary as opposed to going somewhere as part of a holiday package.  I'll share what I've learned, along with some suggested itineraries for your family, in the hope that this gives you the confidence to have your own adventures.  From my experience, the effort you put in will be worth it in the amazing memories you make.

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